Global Pop Students Presenting at CUGH 2021 Conference, March 12-March 14, 2021

March 12, 2021

This week, eight students who participated in the Program for Education in Global and Population Health’s summer research program 2020, are presenting their projects at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health’s (CUGH) 2021 Virtual Conference. The students from the CUIMC were selected to present in one of nine of the Conference’s Poster Program tracks. The conference is being held from March 12-14, 2021.


During 2020, Global Pop students had to shift gears because of restrictions due to the pandemic. Through collaboration among students, mentors, on-site partners, and staff, projects that would have been carried out in over 20 locations abroad and in New York City were reconfigured into remote projects. In spite of these challenges, we are impressed by our students’ perseverance and ability to successfully carry out their projects and be recognized by CUGH.


In Poster Program Track 1- Addressing the Social Determinants of Health, three students are presenting their research. Kelsey Badger (VP&S, Class of 2023) is presenting her project, “Help Seeking Behaviors of Female Sex Worker Survivors of Violence in the Dominican Republic,” and Phoebe Greenwald (VP&S, Class of 2023) is presenting “Reported Violence and Its Influence on Receptiveness to Mental Healthcare Among MSM and Transgender Women in La Romana, Dominican Republic.” In this group, Julián Ponce (MSPH, Population & Family Health, Class of  2021) is also presenting his research, “Mediating Effect of Alcohol Use: Retirement and Mental Health in the United States.” 


Catherine Myong (VP&S, Class of 2023) is presenting her research project, “The Relationship Between Paid Personal Assistance and Health Care Utilization in South Korea” in Poster Track 5 - Strengthening Health Systems, Public Health, Primary and Surgical Care. Also in this group, Tahvi Frank (VP&S, Class of 2023) is presenting the project, “Mapping Women's Access to Reproductive Health and HIV Services in Zambia.


As a part of Poster Track 6 Non-Communicable Diseases, Emerging Infectious Diseases & Other Communicable Diseases, Dhwani Babla (MSPH, Population and Family Health, Class of 2021) is presenting the project, “Needs Assessment for Hypertension and Diabetes Policy and Promotion in Armenia,” and Pilar Bancalari (MSPH, Sociomedical Sciences, Class of 2021) is presenting her research project, “High Prevalence of Rectal Chlamydia among Pregnant Adolescents in La Romana, Dominican Republic.”

Ryan Carson (VP&S, Class of 2023) is participating in Poster Track 7 - Translation and Implementation Science, High Impact Development Initiatives, Bridging Research to Policy, Reforming Academia with a project entitled, “Evaluation and Comparison of National Policies to Promote Effective Antimicrobial Stewardship in High-Income Countries.”


Based in the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University, the Program for Education in Global and Population Health, better known as Global Pop, seeks to support the emergence of a new generation of leaders in global and population health, abroad and at home, through pedagogy, research and field experiences.