Other Columbia University Programs

The Columbia University Global Mental Health Programs is a consortium of research, advocacy, and training initiatives aimed at advancing mental health treatment and reducing mental health stigma around the world.

As part of the University’s educational offerings, GMHP offers four courses in global mental health, runs a competitive eight-week Global Mental Health Summer Internship, and manages a global mental health practica program with sites across sub-Saharan Africa, South America, and Asia. These programs are led by a range of affiliated faculty working in various departments and schools across Columbia University. Committed to advancing global mental health, our network of faculty is engaged in a wide range of publicly and privately funded research studies. GMHP faculty and scholars are also actively engaged in innovative policy and advocacy work. Together, we envision a world in which mental illness loses its stigma and is recognized as a serious global issue that has an economic, political, and social impact on us all.