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December 16, 2020: Vaccine Development, Availability and Safety

The availability of an effective vaccine against COVID19 will be critical to the worldwide control of a disease that is responsible for over 1.2 million deaths worldwide to date. The development, testing, and distribution of candidate vaccines has proceeded on a scale and at a speed that is unprecedented in the history of modern vaccines. This webinar reviewed the most promising candidate vaccines, the steps in the process from development to approval, and distribution and identified issues for future investigation. Experts from Columbia University in the U.S., and from the African continent presented and addressed questions submitted by attendees.

Program and Speakers

September 4, 2020: Public Trust and the Delivery of COVID19 Vaccines


Op-Ed by Shabir Madhi: Why Africa needs to be involved in the development of Covid-19 vaccines

Article by Sandisiwe Shoba: Covid-19 vaccine: Africa is at the back of the queue, says Shabir Madhi

The value in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic is not only dependent on the efficacy of a vaccine. It also requires that the majority of people are prepared to be vaccinated. Achieving this means that communities trust this intervention.

Conference Organizer: Wilmot James (Columbia University)

Special Welcome: Murugi Ndirangu (Columbia Global Centers | Nairobi)

Moderator: Lawrence R. Stanberry (Columbia University)

Keynote: Shabir Madhi (WITS)

Panelists: Helen Rees (WITS); Stavros Nicolaou (Aspen Pharmacare); Scott Dowell (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Arnaud Bernaert (World Economic Forum)