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Global Health threats remain among the key challenges for our societies. Despite significant progress in narrowing inequities in health outcomes worldwide, the burden of such threats continues to disproportionately affect vulnerable populations. Substantial resources and efforts are fundamental to continue evolving towards a healthier, more equitable world. The Program for Education in Global and Population Health (Global Pop) responds to this call for action and provides the education, training and research skills needed to develop future leaders in global and population health.

Based at the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University, Global Pop views global health as a discipline that seeks to understand the interplay of the many factors (governmental, legal, economic, social, cultural, medical, environmental, etc.) that impact health without respect for national borders, and by understanding those factors, move towards achieving health and health equity worldwide. Global Pop, seeks to support the emergence of a new generation of leaders in global and population health, abroad and at home, through pedagogy, research and field experiences.