Find Your Project

Finding a mentor and a project takes time and effort. In this page, you'll be able to find, for 2022, a number of projects by location, mentor or thematic area, prior to applying to our summer program (First years) or selecting your research track (SPP and Research Year).

By Mentor/Entity By Thematic Area By Location

Every year, we launch a call for mentors and projects, and we include the information we collect from them on the links above. Because of the evolving nature of global and population health opportunities, this list of projects is not exhaustive, but it tells you with certainty the mentors, programs and sites who have expressed concrete interest in mentoring students during 2022/23 be it for the summer and/or a scholarly project or research year. The vast majority of mentors and entities will be present at our yearly Mentor/Program - Student 'Matchmaking' session on November 30, 6:00 - 7:30 pm, 2021. Come meet them! If you are a potential mentor and would like to offer projects, please complete this brief survey so we can add you to the options below.

As of now, the travel policy remains extremely restrictive. In close collaboration with mentors and sites, we have worked towards offering a hybrid pool of projects that can accommodate in person (if feasible) and remote/domestic options. Therefore, locations on the dropdown menu are indicative of the location of the partner entity or target population, and not necessarily of where the project would be carried out by you. This will likely be determined closer to the summer of 2022. Stay tuned with updates to Columbia's travel policy here.

As you consider joining a project, we recommend that you learn about some key resources available to you, such as the Columbia Global Travel page (to learn about current university-wide student-travel policies and resources, and the Varmus Global Scholars Fund (provides scholarships for students wishing to carry out research in Global Health at VP&S). Last, you’ll find instructions on next steps to apply to our summer program under Apply to our 2022 Summer Program.