Apply to Summer 2022 Program

Our Summer Program program is available to First-year VP&S, CDM and MSPH students. 

Please note that application timelines, documents, stipends and available projects vary by school.

The application windows are:

  • VP&S: December 1 - January 31 > timeline, requirements and documents are posted on our VP&S Global Health Summer Opportunities Courseworks page on December 1, 2022
  • CDM: January 10 - February 7 > CDM's application document, inclusive of all details, will be shared via CDM's student affairs office on January 10
  • MSPH: January 17 - February 14 > the application document, invlusive of all details, will be shared via MSPH's Field Practice on January 17

As you prepare for applying to our Summer 2022 program, make sure that you have carefully reviewed all project options available to you on our Find your Project page