First-Year Student Cycle

The summer research projects are the culmination of a yearlong effort, starting in the Fall of their First-year of medical school. In this period, students are accompanied through workshops, coursework, info sessions and meetings with their mentors and sites, prior to conducting their summer projects. 

Fall Year 1

Intro to Global Health course runs (12-week, 2 credits). Credits can be applied to the MD-MS in Biomedical Sciences – Global Health area of focus, if so desired.

Incoming students are invited to join the Global Pop Student Projects Symposium in September, learn about a relevant Global Health topic through an expert panel and meet second years who have just completed their experience, as well as their mentors.

First-years are invited to join the Global Pop matchmaking session in October-November, where Faculty conducting Global Health work shares their projects, with extensive opportunity to meet students and answer questions. Click below for more information.

Spring Year 1

In early January, students submit their application to participate in our Summer Programs and to receive a stipend, and take part of our interview process in February/March. Selection results are issued in March.

Selected students must register and take part of our Research Methods in Global and Population Health (GLHL 7207), where they will acquire relevant tools and elaborate a research plan for the summer.

In April, selected students must take part of our Pre-Summer orientation, where university-wide support offices offering support to students conducting research abroad present their resources. We also organize a number of activities around Cultural Humility and on the Ethics of Global Health. The Global Pop office provides orientation on summer deliverables and other paperwork. Students take an appointment at Student Health Services for any required vaccinations/medications.

In May, selected students receive an advance on their summer stipend.

Summer Year 1

Students complete their 8- week summer project abroad or 10- week project in NYC.

In the month of August, students submit an abstract (for our yearly booklet), a poster (for the Fall Symposium), and a capstone paper (to obtain credits for their summer work, which they can do via registration to the Independent Study in Global and Population Health (GLHL 7208).

Fall Year 2

Students wishing to obtain the 3 credits via the Independent Study in Global and Population Health must register for the course via OASIS and will obtain a Pass/Fail grade in the Fall semester. Credits count towards the MD-MS in Biomedical Sciences – Global Health Focus. There is no other coursework associated with this course beyond the three deliverables (abstract, poster and paper) submitted in August.

Students present their work at the Global and Population Health Student Projects Symposium in September.