Poster Session Groups

Groups were organized based on a number of considerations, including mentors involved, thematic areas and program, and are therefore group labels are only referential.

Group 1 - Maternal and Child Health - Faculty: Kim Hekimian, PhD, Students: Denice Arnold (VP&S), Samantha Marosis (VP&S), Kalvis Hornburg (VP&S)

Group 2 - Armenia projects - Faculty: Kim Hekimian, PhD, Students: Ashton Alarcon (CDM), Alexander Gordon (CDM), Dhwani Babla (MSPH)

Group 3 - Key Populations and Women's Health - Faculty: Silvia Cunto-Amesty, MD, MPH, Students: Kelsey Badger (VP&S), Pilar Bancalari (MSPH), Phoebe Greenwald (VP&S), Maxine McGredy (VP&S), Nina Roth (MSPH)

Group 4 - Non- communicable Diseases- Faculty: Silvia Cunto-Amesty, MD, MPH, Students: Anton Gillespie (VP&S), Sonora Yun (VP&S)

Group 5 - Varmus Global Scholars (themes vary)- Faculty: Lawrence Stanberry, MD, PhD, Students: Alaní Estrella (VP&S), Catherine Lowenthal (VP&S), Catherine Myong (VP&S), Alexander Northrop (VP&S), Thomas Wagner (VP&S)

Group 6 - Infectious Diseases - Faculty: Michael Yin, MD, Students: Tahvi Frank (VP&S), Gabriel Gomide (VP&S), Dave Mix (MSPH)

Group 7 - Cross-Cultural Programs - Faculty: Ana Esteban, MD, MEd, Students: Alexander Harris (VP&S), Jessica Ho (VP&S), Catherine Rivas (MSPH)

Group 8 - Mental Health - Faculty: Kathleen Pike, PhD, Students: Sam Kokoska (VP&S), Julián Ponce (MSPH), Adam Rosenfeld (MSPH)

Group 9 - Migrant Health and COVID -19 - Faculty: Manuela Orjuela-Grimm, MD, ScM, Students: Arielle Levine (IHN), Luisa Nilan (VP&S)

Group 10 - COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa - Faculty: Rachel Moresky, MD, MPH, Students: Natalie Boychuk (MSPH), Laura Carson (MSPH)

Group 11 - COVID-19 in NYC - Faculty: Tsion Firew, MD, MPH Students: Ryan Carson (VP&S), Kiran Salman (MSPH)

Group 12 - Women's Health - Faculty: Jocelyn Brown, MD, MPH, John Santelli, MD, MPH, Esther Spindler, MS, Students: Emily Hoppes (MSPH), Grace Pipes (VP&S)

Group 13 - ICE program (themes vary)- Faculty: Anette Wu, MD, MPH, PhD, Students: Adedeji Adeniyi (VP&S), Nicholas Beatty (VP&S), Averill Clapp (VP&S), Jessica Ding (VP&S)